Thursday, January 15, 2009


Big store retailers looking to mobile marketing

Franchisers like Wal - Mart, Gap, Target and Sears among a few that know they need to get mobile marketing to promote their product. SMS ( short message service, or text messages ) Keeping your customer base up to the minute with in store sales, promos or new arrivals. Theory is, that while your customer base is out and about shopping or on the road, big store retailers see the value and purpose of letting you know so you will "come in to shop" recently launched an iPhone application that helps consumers comparison shop and make purchases directly from their phones, while is sending out sale alerts via Twitter.

Mobile marketing "works" it reaches the masses, it allows retailers to alert, you, the shopper, to what is happening in their retail space while you are running errands, or plan to spend the day shopping.

In the next few years you will see more and more businesses executing SMS marketing
initiatives and establishing a more " cozy" one to one relationship with their consumers.
Small to medium sized business
will need to get on board sooner than later. It's very important that small to medium size business build upon their current email list and grow that list. Remember, you are competing with big retailers who will push you out of the way to try and collect and get your business.

At we offer our clients the ability to send email campaigns by SMS. Our SMS application will allow our clients to have the "full" image and text that you would see on any typical online newsletter on your computer or laptop.

You don't have to have laptop in hand or be in front of your desk top to get and view the SMS campaign.

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